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  • Brussels Sprouts only $0.26
  • Halo Mandarin only $8.99
  • Top Sirloin, Fast Fry only $6.46
  • Bananas, Bunch only $2.25
  • Yellow Onions 3lb Bag only $3.49
  • Large Grade A Eggs only $4.29

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Dominion Promotional flyers

Promotional flyers

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Dominion Voting Systems isn't a senator or a president, but it does want your vote. A manufacturer of voting systems, Dominion Voting makes specialized hardware and software used by some 600 US jurisdictions in 22 states, as well as by jurisdictions in Canada and other countries. Its flagship product line, Democracy Suite, comprises various systems used by election officials, including optical ballot scanners and vote tabulators, voter list generators, election management software, and electronic ballot systems for absentee voting. In addition to its Colorado office, the company also operates offices in Toronto, Canada, New York, and California. Dominion Voting was founded by CEO John Poulos and James Hoover.

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We are constantly investing in the development of technology that continues to set our products apart from the competition. Dominion's core technology focuses on the two key aspects of the electoral process - accuracy and transparency, while remaining nimble enough to meet the needs of any-sized election.

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Dominion is driven by our commitment to superior customer service. With decades of collective industry-leading experience in training, support and implementation, our team of professionals strives for delivery excellence to meet today’s election challenges in system implementation and project management. We aim to provide transparency and accountability in all that we do – on every level, for every election

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Fox News Network says it was only performing its constitutionally-protected job of reporting the news when it repeated spurious election fraud claims by former President Donald Trump.On that basis, the media giant asked a court Tuesday to dismiss a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit filed by one of the targets of Trump’s phony claims, Dominion Voting Systems.The Denver-based company filed suit in March, alleging that Fox News and several of its hosts “gave life” to a bogus conspiracy theory that the company altered vote counts and manipulated voting machines to help steal the election from Trump (May 19, 2021, 1:13 AM GMT-6).

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We have major offices in Denver, Colorado and Toronto, Canada – two of the most vibrant cities in the world! All employees work in a casual team environment with opportunities for growth and in-house promotion. Our culture values innovation, collaboration, diversity and commitment to excellence. We wake up every day to deliver the best products and go the extra mile for our customers. Our compensation packages include competitive salaries, bonus incentives, paid benefits, retirement matching and support for training/professional learning. We love to recruit seasoned elections pros - or those who want to become one!

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