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Check the current Sobeys online Weekly Flyer and don’t miss the best deals from this week's Ad!

This week's best offers:

  • Flank Steak | Beef Flap Meat only $6.99
  • Large Sunkist Seedless Navel Oranges only $0.99 /Lb
  • Selection Hot Dog Or Hamburger Buns 2x only $3.00
  • Green Beans only $1.99
  • Irresistibles Refrigerated Orange Juice only $3.99
  • Eat Red Or Honey Mango (Ataulfo) only $0.99
  • Celery only $1.99
  • Pink Grapefruits | Red Grapefruit only $4.99
  • Sweet Peas Or Mange-Tout | Sugar Snap, Snow Peas only $2.99
  • Beef, Chicken, Pork or Turkey Skewers | Beef, Chicken Pork Or Turkey Kabobs only $14.00
  • Pepsi Soft Drink, Coke | Soft Drink x3 only $5.00
  • Maynards candies only $1.99

and many more!

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Sobeys Promotional flyers

Promotional flyers

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Sobeys - Shop

Sobeys Inc. is a Canadian-based multipurpose supermarket dealing in all kinds of baby, bakery, seafood, deli, kitchen, pharmacies and grocery products. Sobeys’ popularity in Canada has soared over the years owing to its remarkable promotional sales of healthy foods, yummy baked cakes and chops, and tasty snacks to start your day. Sobeys offer the best deals in natural food products, recommended drugs, assorted food items and the latest affordable groceries. Whether you need snacks to hold body and soul, yummy yoghurt to cool from a hot day or healthy chilled drinks to energise yourself from a tiring day, Sobeys have quality discount offers you can count on. Enjoy the freshest at the lowest rates. 

Sobeys - History

As far back into the early 1900s, Sobeys was only known as a meat delivery business with a few shops to market their products. It was founded in 1907 by John W. Sobey with just a single walk-in store in Stellarton. But by 1924, Frank H. Sobey, John Sobey’s son, had convinced his father to expand the miniature meat-delivery shop into a full-scale grocery store. From Pictou County to Atlantic Canada and the entire provinces and territories of Canada, Sobeys has had a long history of taking one step at a time. Even after a century of existence, Sobeys has continued to offer quality services to Canadian shoppers. It’s currently the second largest supermarket in Canada with over 1500 stores promoting special offers you might want to check out on flyers Sobeys. 

Sobeys - Promotions

Secure your favorite items today by ordering special offers available on Sobeys flyer. Pick from the best selection of custom-made deals. Shop quality products from the best available offers in Canada. Order the newest arrivals in grocery, food, bakery, pharmacy, baby, health and pet. Get discounts on promos when you checkout with our coupon codes. Enjoy the best coupon shopping on flyers Sobeys. Shop from special offers with a whopping discount. Order low-price, high-quality items that meet your budget. Enjoy more for less cash on unlimited premium discount sales available for Canadian shoppers. This is the best season to shop for limited promo deals exclusively on Sobeys flyers. Don’t wait for the rush; start shopping now. 

Sobeys - News

Just a few days ago, Sobeys announced its plan to reduce polystyrene packaging in a fruitful bid to reduce environmental contamination from carbon materials. Sobeys has just awarded Eco Guardian $25,000 to design and produce an eco-friendly meat packaging material made from sugar cane and bamboo fibers instead of polymeric carbon sources. According to the CEO of Eco Guardian, “it’s really an encouraging and motivating project” and would go a long way in reducing carbon emission and already escalated global warming. While polystyrene materials were formerly used for packaging, bamboo and sugarcane substitute decay after only 30 to 60 days. Making it an ideal environmentally friendly and energy conserving alternative. 

Sobeys - More information

At Sobeys, we are prioritizing sustainability and environmental conservation to save our dear planet. We tend to achieve this ultimate zero carbon goal by cutting down the amount of carbon materials used in packing our products. We are committed to stopping food wastage and increasing food abundance evenly throughout Canada. Further climate action such as planning many more trees to replace depleted natural biosphere has gained popularity and we target to plant over 45,000 trees over the next few years. Speaking recently, Stephanie Clement, a project manager with One Tree Planted said, “tree planting aids in the process of forest revitalisation and regeneration to provide surplus supply of natural resources for the future’. We are encouraging our customers to donate to this project while shopping for our promo deals online or in-store. 

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