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Check the current JYSK online Weekly Flyer and don’t miss the best deals from this week's Ad!

This week's best offers:

  • Automatic soap dispenser ADELA only $19.99
  • Spring Napkins only $3.99
  • Serving Tray GOURMET only $9.99
  • Coir Door Mat PRETTY POTS only $12.99
  • Kids Outdoor Patio Chair UBBERUP only $49.99
  • Lantern JUVERSTEN only $19.99
  • Outdoor Throw Pillow (40 x 40 cm) MILAN only $12.99
  • Artificial Plant IVE only $10.99
  • HANDPAINTED Oil Painting (70 x 50 cm) only $31.99
  • Scented Glass Jar Candle VIGNE only $6.99
  • Solar Light VIGRIM only $3.99

and many more!

Now, you can find all weekly sales and ads in one place! Don't miss the offer! On this page, you can see all JYSK Weekly Flyers online.

JYSK Promotional flyers

Promotional flyers

Flyer JYSK 16.05.2024 - 22.05.2024
16 May 2024 - 22 May 2024
Flyer JYSK 08.07.2024 - 19.08.2024
8 Jul 2024 - 19 Aug 2024
Flyer JYSK 17.04.2024 - 13.05.2024
17 Apr 2024 - 13 May 2024
Flyer JYSK 02.05.2024 - 08.05.2024
2 May 2024 - 8 May 2024

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JYSK - Shop

JYSK stores in Canada is the top dealer of all kinds of durable furniture, mattresses, and the latest home improvement products.  We promised Canadians the best in bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining, kitchen, office, storage and outdoor. At JYSK, high-class deals match discount prices, enabling you to shop for your favorite items while saving big. Discover unmatched special offers custom-made to exceed your expectations. Shop promotional home and office accessories, beds & bedding, office supplies and storage facilities at affordable prices. Let us help you brighten your home and office at no additional cost. 

JYSK - History

In 1996, more than 20 years ago, the first JYSK  store was opened in Canada in  British Columbia’s Coquitlam community. Currently, the brand operates in over 60 stores across the provinces and territories of Canada. We have a long history with Scandinavia and share in its high taste for designs and quality products. JYSK  was originally founded on 2 April 1979 by Lars Larsen with its first store in Aarhus, Denmark, before opening its branch in Canada. In less than 43 years, JYSK  has expanded from a single store in Denmark to over 3,100 locations in Europe, the Middle East, America and Asia. Presently, there are more than 28,400 employees serving millions of customers worldwide. 

JYSK - Promotions

It’s time to shop for everything you need for your home and office. Find out the latest home decoration and furnishing deals on JYSK  flyers. Shop amazing deals designed, produced and handpicked for you with your comfort in mind. Enjoy the best offers in furniture and mattresses, beds and bedding, wardrobes, kitchenware, baths, and laundry. Our special offers selected for early shoppers make life easier for you. Choose from mouthwatering promos. Shop as much as you want today and still save big for tomorrow. Order from unlimited offers and enjoy an amazing discount on your favorite items. The ongoing promotion ends soon. Shop now.

JYSK - News

Do you know that all JYSK  products reflect the classic world-class Scandinavian high furniture, mattress and home decor designs? We offer you excellent deals that are hard to find elsewhere in Canada at a lower expense. Our Canadian designs are perfect for elevating your interiors, thanks to their minimalistic and clean style. Our products emphasise clean lines and modern decor and bring a touch of naturalism into your home. Our Scandinavian-designed home fasciitis, gadgets, appliances and decorations are timeless, providing you with cleanliness and tidiness. Our top-notch design relies on us understanding your needs first before our specialised craftsmen go into design and fabrication using sustainable materials. Discover our secret to providing high offers at flyers JYSK and shop from select items today.

JYSK - More information

We are at the forefront of worldwide climate change control and the quest for eco-friendly manufacturing and production. At JYSK, we recognise the need to cut carbon injection into the ecosystem and keep it green. As our esteemed customers, we owe you the responsibility of ensuring that our everyday activities have positive effects on the environment. This is why we continuously evolve better solutions to produce and package our products that don’t harm the already fragile earth. We find more and more special offers that you can feel confident about. Through our GREEN ELEMENTS, we work tirelessly to promote sustainability. One of our mantras is to help protect the ecosystem by reducing waste and cutting down pollution. Join our mission today when you shop from our discount offers in-store or online.  

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