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  • Mary Kay® Micellar Water for only $20.00
  • TimeWise® Set (Non-SPF) for only $159.00
  • Extra Emollient Night Cream for only $20.00
  • Gel Eyeliner with Expandable Brush Applicator for only $19.00 
  • Chromafusion® Blush for only $15.00
  • Satin Hands® Shea Hand Sanitizer for only $11.00
  • Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover for only $20.00
  • Belara® Eau de Parfum for only $52.00
  • CC Cream Complexion Corrector Sunscreen SPF 15 for only $24.50
  • Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder for only $20.00
  • Mary Kay® 2-In-1 Body Wash & Shave for only $20.00
  • Oil-Free Hydrating Gel for only $40.00

and many more!

Now, you can find all weekly sales and ads in one place! Don't miss the offer! On this page, you can see all Mary Kay Weekly Flyers online.

Mary Kay Promotional flyers

Promotional flyers

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1 Dec 2023 - 31 Dec 2023

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Mary Kay - Shop

Mary Kay Inc. is an American privately owned multi-level marketing company. According to Direct Selling News, Mary Kay was the sixth largest network marketing company in the world in 2018, with a wholesale volume of US$3.25 billion.  Mary Kay is based in Addison, Texas. The company was founded by Mary Kay Ash in 1963. Richard Rogers, Ash's son, is the chairman, and David Holl is president and was named CEO in 2006. 

Mary Kay - History

Starting in 1963 with 318 consultants and sales of $198,154,[14] Mary Kay gradually expanded its reach first within the United States, then internationally. The company exceeded $500 million in sales through 220,000 consultants by 1991. In 1995, its sales had grown to $950 million, including $25 million in Russia.[16] As of 2017, Mary Kay’s continuous multinational expansion had seen its sales grow to $3.7 billion with 2.5 million consultants, 39,000 directors and 600 national directors.

Mary Kay - Promotions

Mary Kay sells cosmetics through a multi-level marketing model. Mary Kay distributors (called beauty consultants) can potentially make income by directly selling to people in their community, and also receive a commission on wholesale purchases made by people they recruit into the distribution network. Mary Kay distributors must purchase a $100 starter kit to qualify. As a private company, Mary Kay releases few details about the average income of its sellers.

Mary Kay - News

In an effort to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and support frontline workers, Mary Kay Inc. has contributed nearly $10 million in monetary and product donations, and distribution support in the countries where it operates and communities in critical need around the world. “The wide-ranging impact of this pandemic on our economies, populace and the world at large may not be truly known for some time,” said David Holl, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Mary Kay Inc. “But here’s what we’re sure of right now: people are suffering, and an unprecedented crisis requires everyone’s support. It’s our responsibility to help those affected by this virus—either directly, like our frontline workers, or indirectly, like women and children impacted by the alarming uptick in domestic violence cases. ”In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Mary Kay Inc., its subsidiaries around the world, and along with its four company-sponsored Foundations in Canada, Brazil, China and the United States, have taken the following actions targeted at supporting global and national relief efforts:

Mary Kay - More information

One of the original glass ceiling breakers, Mary Kay Ash founded her beauty company more than 56 years ago with three goals: develop rewarding opportunities for women, offer irresistible products, and make the world a better place. That dream has blossomed into a multibillion-dollar company with millions of independent sales force members in nearly 40 countries. Mary Kay is dedicated to investing in the science behind beauty and manufacturing cutting-edge skin care, color cosmetics, and fragrances. Mary Kay is committed to empowering women and their families by partnering with organizations from around the world, focusing on supporting cancer research, protecting survivors from domestic abuse, beautifying our communities, and encouraging children to follow their dreams. Mary Kay Ash’s original vision continues to shine—one lipstick at a time. Learn more at

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