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  • iPhone 12 only $75/month
  • LG K61 only $35/month
  • Galaxy A52 only $55/month
  • iPhone 5GB only $35/month
  • iPhone 15GB only $40/month
  • iPhone 20GB only $50/month
  • iPhone SE only $15/month
  • Motorola One only $15/month

and many more!

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Freedom Mobile Promotional flyers

Promotional flyers

Flyer Freedom Mobile 28.11.2022-07.12.2022
Freedom Mobile
28 Nov 2022 - 7 Dec 2022
Flyer Freedom Mobile 21.11.2022-30.11.2022
Freedom Mobile - Black Friday 2022 Cyber Monday 2022
21 Nov 2022 - 30 Nov 2022
Flyer Freedom Mobile 14.11.2022-23.11.2022
Freedom Mobile - Black Friday 2022
14 Nov 2022 - 23 Nov 2022
Flyer Freedom Mobile 07.11.2022-16.11.2022
Freedom Mobile
7 Nov 2022 - 16 Nov 2022

Freedom Mobile - Shop

Freedom Mobile is a Canadian telecommunications company, operating mostly in urban areas of Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. They have about 6% of the total market share in canada with over 2 million subscribers. Along with mobile phone plans, they also sell phones and accessories. 

Freedom Mobile - History

Founded in 2008 as Wind Mobile, they went through a series of changes over the years, including a name change to Freedom Mobile in 2016. They are a subsidiary of Shaw Communications.

Freedom Mobile - Promotions

Canada is known for expensive wireless coverage, and so Freedom Mobile has positioned themselves as a cost-effective carrier. They offer low rates, with no flat-month fees or data overage. Freedom Mobile offers less extensive coverage than other major carriers in Canada, mostly concentrated in urban areas, which is why they can keep costs low. They also periodically offer promotions on their phones and accessories.

Freedom Mobile - News

Freedom Mobile is constantly expanding their coverage, so customers can check back to see the most recent updates of where they offer coverage. 

Freedom Mobile - More information

Freedom Mobile positions themselves as an alternative to the major telecommunications companies, with innovative ideas and low costs. Their social media presence supports this image and is fun and engaging. They have a large presence on Instagram and Facebook, using this to connect with customers. 

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