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Check the current Maxi online Weekly Flyer and don’t miss the best deals from this week's Ad!

This week's best offers:

  • Souvlaki Kabanos only $7.48
  • Smoked salmon only $3.98
  • Miracle Whip salas souce and Heinz Ketchup only $2.98
  • Cashmere Toilet paper only $5.88
  • Chapma's Ice Sandwich and ice cream only $3.48
  • Honey Garlic Sauce only $2.00
  • Mineral Water only $2.98
  • Asparagus only $2.98/lb
  • Potatoes only $3.98/10lb
  • Power plants only $5.98
  • Mango only $0.98 ea

and many more!

Now, you can find all weekly sales and ads in one place! Don't miss the offer! On this page, you can see all Maxi Weekly Flyers online.

Maxi Promotional flyers

Promotional flyers

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Maxi is a unique retail store offering Quebec Canadians amazing deals at unbeatable prices. Special offers in grocery,  discount sales on household supplies, promos for home and kitchen, and coupons on all health & beauty products. Everything, food, baby, pet and outdoor supplies you need are available on flyer Maxi all at discount rates. Grab the newest deals in Quebec’s best fresh food, home appliances, and bath and beauty dealers. Discover amazing offers and get discounts on all promotional sales. Enjoy promo shopping, and fast delivery while saving big for another day. 

Maxi - History

In Quebec, no other grocery, health, beauty, apparel, general consumer commodities, and food retail store outshines Maxi. This is so true for a leading Canadian brand founded in 1984 by Provigo, a division of Loblaw Companies. Maxi is a giant in the supermarket niche and discount shopping industry with numerous chains of merchandise serving the everyday needs of Canadians. Starting as a walk-in store in Longueuil in the 1980s, Maxi has grown into a reputable multinational brand delivering high-quality discount products at unbeatable prices. Discover the latest deals on the Maxi flyers and start your shopping today. 

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Enjoy fresh products at the lowest prices available in Canada. Shop over 300 branded hot deals handpicked for you. Get discounts on promo offers when you checkout with coupon codes. Select from assorted newest arrivals in grocery, home decor, health, beauty, baby, bath and outdoor. Grab a cup of coffee, and a tin of fresh milk, or chill with yummy ice cream at Maxi for unbeatable prices. Shop for natural foods, lighten your home with exotic appliances, add smoothness to your supple skin and look all-radiant. Look good inside out. Shop your own way on your own budget. See special offers on flyers Maxi and start ordering now.  

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Discover the latest offers and deals today from Maxi flyers. Enjoy fresh and low-price promo sales only available on flyers Maxi. Say woohoo on ongoing promotional bumper sales. When you sign in, make sure to claim a whopping discount and order exclusive deals. Shop more with PC Optimum™ points however you like it; pickup, in-store or fast home delivery at no extra cost. Radiate beauty in all seasons with our cosmetics and body care. Lighten your home with newest household appliances. Whatever you want; natural foods, chilled drinks, snacks, vegetables, dairy and eggs, fill your basket to the brim. Checkout easily when you are done shopping. And remember to use coupon codes on Maxi flyer. 

Maxi - More information

At Maxi, we are more interested in giving back to the communities who made us what we are. This is why we’ve joined Canadian society and the globe in fighting climate change while advancing social equity for our staff and everyone. As Canada’s number one food, grocery, pharmacy, health and beauty leader, we sustain environmental and social change. When you spend more on high quality sales from flyers Maxi, we give you natural deals sourced and processed for environmental sustainability. When you shop from our promo deals today, you’re joining hands towards efficient production, packaging, and recycling. 

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