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Check the current Farm Boy online Weekly Flyer and don’t miss the best deals from this week's Ad!

This week's best offers:

  • Vine ripened tomatoes only $1.29
  • Strawberries only $3.99
  • Peaches or nectarines only $2.99
  • Shrimp skewers only $1.99
  • Gourmet Burgers only $7.99
  • Chicken kebabs only $9.99
  • Artisan pork Sausages only $5.99
  • Cauliflower only $3 for 2
  • Strawberries only $5 for 2
  • Artisan lettuce only $5 for 2
  • Bries Blanc cheese only $4.99/lb
  • Illinois Gnocchi only $99/500 g
  • Salmon trout fillets only $7.99/lb
  • Liberty Greek Yogurts only $3.99

and many more!

Now, you can find all weekly sales and ads in one place! Don't miss the offer! On this page, you can see all Farm Boy Weekly Flyers online.

Farm Boy Promotional flyers

Promotional flyers

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16 Mar 2023 - 22 Mar 2023
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Flyer Farm Boy 23.02.2023 - 01.03.2023
Farm Boy
23 Feb 2023 - 1 Mar 2023

Farm Boy - Shop

Farm Boy Inc. is a leading Canadian retailer operating in Ontario, Canada, with 37 stores. They are known for their slogan "It's All About the Food" and offer a wide range of discount products, with a focus on fresh produce and farm-to-table wholesale. Farm Boy is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality food that is both delicious and nutritious at low prices. As a leading Canadian store, Farm Boy's promo deals are the best. They offer weekend and holiday coupon deals you can order from. Get ready to save big with Farm Boy's weekly flyers and amazing deals! Check out our flyers today to discover amazing promo offers for grabs! 

Farm Boy - History

Farm Boy was established in 1981 as a family-run business to offer Canadians a fantastic shopping experience on their favourite deals. Over the years, the company has grown and expanded, becoming a well-known and respected retailer in Ontario. In 2018, Farm Boy was acquired by Empire Company Limited, the parent company of Sobeys, one of Canada's largest grocery chains. Despite the acquisition, Farm Boy has remained true to its roots, focusing on local quality produce and food with special offers for their customers. The company does not sell any Empire private label brands, and Farm Boy products are not sold elsewhere, ensuring that the original spirit of Farm Boy remains intact. Get ready to save big this week with Farm Boy's weekly flyers and amazing deals!

Farm Boy - Promotions

At Farm Boy, you'll find fresh and wholesome food at great prices. Enjoy exclusive deals on the freshest produce, meats, and dairy products. Try their in-store bakery for a taste of home-baked goods, and take advantage of their weekly deals to save even more. Don't miss their monthly flyers for special offers and discounts on a variety of products. Get the best value for your money and taste the difference of farm-to-table freshness. Take advantage of Farm Boy's exclusive promo codes and promotional discounts. Get the best discounts on your favourite products with Farm Boy's coupons and discount codes. Score big savings with Farm Boy's limited-time sales and special offers now!

Farm Boy - News

Stay current with Farm Boy's promotions for discount shopping. They are expanding quickly, with new stores opening in multiple cities over the past few months. Take advantage of Farm Boy's exclusive discount codes and promos today. Stay up-to-date with the latest news from Farm Boy. This summer, they are launching a new line of seasonal produce featuring locally grown fruits and vegetables. They also offer a 10% discount on all in-store bakery items during most holidays. Keep an eye out for special events and workshops where you can learn about healthy eating and cooking from the experts at Farm Boy. Enjoy the best deals of the week with Farm Boy's weekly flyer. Get the best value for your money with Farm Boy's amazing discounts and special offers!

Farm Boy - More information

At Farm Boy, customer satisfaction is their top priority. They strive to offer the freshest and highest quality products sourced from local farmers and suppliers. They also offer a range of organic and gluten-free options, making it easy for customers to find what they need. With their commitment to sustainability and the environment, Farm Boy is more than just a grocery store. They are a community of food lovers dedicated to providing the best shopping experience possible. Shop with confidence, knowing that you are supporting local businesses and the environment when you choose Farm Boy. Get the best deals on groceries and household essentials with Farm Boy's coupons and discounts. Don't miss out on Farm Boy's limited-time sales and exclusive offers!

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