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Check the current Super C online Weekly Flyer and don’t miss the best deals from this week's Ad!

This week's best offers:

  • Ailes De Poulet St-hubert | St-hubert Chicken Wings  Only $7.99
  • Poivrons Verts Extra Gros | Extra Large Green Pepper  Only $0.88/lb
  • Riz Instantané Dainty | Dainty Instant Rice Only $0.88
  • Vinaigrette Kraft | Kraft Salad Only $1.99
  • Margarine Molle Becel | Becel Soft Margarine Only $5/2
  • Pizza Lève-au-four Giuseppe | Giuseppe Rising Crust Pizza Only $4.44
  • Café Instantané Maxwell House | Maxwell House Instant Coffee Only $2.99
  • Bâtonnets De Fromage Ficello Black Diamond Only $8.99
  • Pistaches, Amandes Ou Noix De Grenoble Irresistibles Only $3.99
  • Détergent Pour La Lessive Tide Simply Only $7.99
  • Croustilles Lay's | Lay's Potato Chips Only $3.99

and many more!

Now, you can find all weekly sales and ads in one place! Don't miss the offer! On this page, you can see all Super C Weekly Flyers online.

Super C Promotional flyers

Promotional flyers

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4 Jul 2024 - 10 Jul 2024

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Super C  supermarkets in Canada make shopping easier for everyone by matching premium deals at competitive prices and quick delivery. The brand is a leading online shopping retailer in Canada. It offers whopping discounts on promotional deals, whether in-store or online. Super C is at the forefront of supplying freshly harvested food items, vegetables, meats and quality groceries daily. Super C is a go-to for dairy & eggs, beverages, beer & wine, pantries, cooked meals and many more. Shop the best deals in bread & bakery, deli & prepared meals, fish & seafood, health & beauty, pet care, pharmacy, and more. See flyers Super C and pick your favourite items. 

Super C - History

La Ferme Carnaval was the parent company of Super C, founded on September 15 1982, in Quebec, Canada. The first supermarket under the trade name “Super Carnaval” (Super C) became operational on January 12 1983, in Beauport. After being acquired by Metro Richelieu on June 1 1987, Super C expanded its retail services to offer more in-demand groceries, food, consumer products, and health & beauty deals. After precisely forty years of thick and thin, Super C has dominated the Quebec retail market with a high reputation for supplying competitively unmatched premium deals. Discount sales handpicked for every Canadian shopper make the brand a leading retailer in the deli, dairy, beer, bakery, frozen food, fresh vegetable and fruits, meat and poultry, and general grocery. 

Super C - Promotions

Amazing offers curated from the best suppliers. New sales available for daily shopping at discount prices. Find the latest promotional offers from Super C tailored to your needs and budget. Order your favorite items today and win amazing coupons. Enjoy extra value on special offers at no additional cost. Discover the newest arrivals in grocery, poultry, frozen foods, beer, bakery, health, beauty, pet care and much more. Eat fresh-from-farm vegetables and fruits handpicked for you. Shop fresh sales, eat healthily and live longer. Shop for the season's best deals, and fill your cart with exclusive offers from Super C flyers. Order premium quality items today and checkout with coupon codes. 

Super C - News

We are hiring the best hands to join our growing team of a jolly and committed community. If you are searching for a stimulating job with career advancement opportunities, Super C Canada is looking for people like you. We are recruiting dedicated and optimistic individuals to join our company and fill vacancies in various positions with attractive salaries and other mouthwatering extra benefits. Depending on your expectations, experience and motivations, you can work in grocery stores, pharmacies, distribution centres or join the corporate team in charge of decision-making. Join our Super C super team and take advantage of free paid training and competitive benefits not offered elsewhere. Work flexibly, get paid higher and connect with like minds. Start your journey to a prosperous career. Reach out today. 

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Get simple ideas and tips to prepare your favorite meals at home. Discover practical cooking and baking tips to save you time and money. Find out how to prepare different pork cuts on the barbecue. Learn the best ways of cooking with irresistible dressings. Check out the flyers Super C and learn the four methods of cooking tasty asparagus. We will also show you the simple tricks to cooking yummy tofu, Quebec corn, broccoli and many more dishes. Our simple meal ideas are perfect for your budget and lifestyle. Discover the best ways of preparing your favorite meals that guarantee 100% healthy living. After discovering varieties of recipes and tips at flyer Super C, order items from our special offers to start your cooking. You can get a whopping discount on promos today. Shop now.

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