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Check the current Fabricville online Weekly Flyer and don’t miss the best deals from this week's Ad!

This week's best offers:

  • BENETTA Sweater Knit - Royal only $14.99
  • Sun Safe Fabric - Black only $14.99
  • AUGUSTA Cotton Voile - Blue only $16.99
  • BLACK & WHITE Stretch Polyester - White only $7.59
  • BUFFALO PLAID Brushed Shirting - Large 1 1/2" - Blue only $19.99 
  • ARIANA Cotton Poplin Print - Daisy - Green only $16.99
  • SEAFARI Cotton print - Hexagon - Pink only $19.99
  • MONACO Cotton Lycra Knit Print - Little girl - Pink only $24.99
  • Activewear Solid - Hot pink only $19.99
  • Scuba Crepe Print - Birds - Navy only $16.99
  • Printed Winter Jersey - Bark - Grey only $24.99
  • ARIANA Cotton Poplin Print - Reptile - Orange only $6.79

and many more!

Now, you can find all weekly sales and ads in one place! Don't miss the offer! On this page, you can see all Fabricville Weekly Flyers online.

Fabricville Promotional flyers

Promotional flyers

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5 Sep 2023 - 1 Oct 2023

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Fabricville - Shop

Fabricville is the Number 1 destination for fabric and window coverings. Fabricville now operates 26 stores in Eastern Canada and is part of Fabricland. A Canada-wide chain operating close to 100 stores across the country. With this buying power, it is no wonder that Fabricville can offer the best selection in both fashion fabrics and home decor at the best prices. JOIN the Fabricville mailing list and be the first to know about upcoming sales, special offers and new arrivals. If it's happening at Fabricville, we'll make sure you know about it.

Fabricville - History

Fabricville was established in 1970 when Fabricland, the largest fabric retailer in Canada, took the decision to expand to the province Quebec. The first Fabricville opened in Montreal 50 years ago and since then has expanded to 24 stores throughout Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

Fabricville - Promotions

The combined buying power of Fabricville and Fabricland is unique in the industry and is the reason they can offer the largest selection of fabrics from around the globe at affordable prices. Whether customers are looking for custom window coverings, home décor accents or in-store expertise, Fabricville offers them the best value for their dollar.

Fabricville - News

When I wanted to sew myself a garment with the Fabricville spring-summer collection , I hesitated between a dress and a shirt. I already have a few dresses and few shirts so finally the choice was made by itself! Now that I had chosen the garment, I needed the fabric, or rather the fabric pattern.I wanted to celebrate spring (I think this year we were all looking forward to spring)! I obviously immediately thought of the floral, and more specifically this tulip print). And then finally I decided to try the polka dot fabric during my visit to Fabricville (I think it is the second garment only with polka dots that I realize but also that I wear). The print remains springy even if it is not floral. It was like a challenge actually as I wasn't sure if this was going to suit me, especially since the peas are quite big. I really like cotton poplin. This one is not too fluid so it's perfect for a shirt: it has a good hold on the body and the ruffles are neither too stiff nor too fluid so it's really ideal.

Fabricville - More information

We do our best to provide you with one continuous piece of fabric. However, it is not always possible for larger quantities and we may need to fill your order in multiple cuts. In this case, we will fill your order with the longest cuts of fabric based on the available inventory. If you require a single length piece longer than 8 meters, please email us at [email protected] prior to placing an order.

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