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Check the current Zehrs online Weekly Flyer and don’t miss the best deals from this week's Ad!

This week's best offers:

  • PRESIDENT'S CHOICE Gigantico Raw Zipperback Black Tiger Shrimp only $8.99 ea
  • FARMER'S MARKET Navel Oranges 3lb Bag only $3.99 ea
  • WONDER White Hotdog Buns only $3.49 ea
  • Zucchini only $1.23 ea
  • Sweet Potato only $2.49 ea
  • FARMER'S MARKET English Cucumber 3Ct only $3.49 ea
  • DITALIANO Thick Slice Original Bread only $3.49 ea
  • Cantaloupe only $4.99 ea
  • Broccoli only $3.99 ea
  • CASHMERE Bathroom Tissue 2 Ply 8 Rolls only $6.99 ea
  • PRESIDENT'S CHOICE Yuzu Citrus Chicken Breast Bites only $13.99 ea

and many more!

Now, you can find all weekly sales and ads in one place! Don't miss the offer! On this page, you can see all Zehrs Weekly Flyers online.

Zehrs Promotional flyers

Promotional flyers

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Featured offers

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Zehrs stores all over Canada are unique for their exclusive unmatched deals in grocery, food, household supplies, home decor, kitchen, health, beauty, electronics, and outdoor facilities. You can always shop for premium quality tasty snacks, spicy natural foods, fresh vegetables, frozen meat and fish, and an assorted supply of staples. Zehrs have the finest stocks in home decor materials to give your house and kitchen a perfect look, an exquisite touch of coolness. The latest offers in baby care and toys are all available on flyers Zehrs at discount prices when you order from promo deals. 

Zehrs - History

Emory Zehr and his sons established the first Zehrs store in 1950 at Kitchener. Zehrmart Inc. is also known as Zehrs Markets but has mostly been renowned as Zehrs for decades.  Up until 1980, Zehrs specialised in selling simple foods like pop and potato chips before expanding into a full-time retail store in over 43 locations spread across Canada.  Zehrs was founded to provide the basic food, electronics, grocery, health, beauty and outdoor needs of millions of Canadians. For more than 72 years, the culture of putting millions of Canadian shoppers first has driven the brand from zilch to zillion, clinging to the reputation as a go-to discount retail store in Canada. Wherever you are, you can always shop for cheap, quality products at promo prices and still enjoy extra pecks for being our customers.

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Discover the best deals from Zehrs and shop the latest arrivals in natural food, electronics, baby care, pharmacy, toys, outdoor, and home decor. Get ready for your promo shopping from handpicked special offers available on Zehrs flyers. Pick your favorite items. Shop on your budget. Spend less and still enjoy more value for improved quality deals. Order easily from our choice products advertised on flyers Zehrs. Save big and smile home with amazing discount sales. All your home, kitchen, grocery, food and health needs are stocked in Zehrs stores all over Canada. Enjoy this season with whopping early-bird season sales when you order today. 

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Enjoy free delivery for 14 days when you sign up for Instacart. Have your favorite items delivered in as little as 1 hour. How does this work? Order fresh groceries online from any device. Schedule the deliveries and indicate where and when you need them delivered. Wait for your order on the doorstep and have your groceries fresh and intact. We make life easy for you by offering free and fast delivery on promotional deals. How do you like to shop? Zehrs walk-in stores near you or ordering from our online deals? However you want it; our sales are unlimited with mouthwatering discounts on special deals exclusively available on Zehrs flyers. 

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Have you tried Zehrs PC Financial, where you can secure massive points as you pay debit? Make a better choice with the PC Money Account and earn more points on every shopping trip. Shop as you want and checkout easily using our card with zero annual fees. No more waiting; apply for a PC Mastercard credit card today and enjoy free groceries, food, home supplies and beauty care deals. Spend a little and earn many more points to shop for another day. Zehrs has made life easier for you; why not enjoy it? See Zehrs flyers for current promotions and shop for your favorite items, then check out quickly with our free PC Money card. 

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