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Check the current Foodland online Weekly Flyer and don’t miss the best deals from this week's Ad!

This week's best offers:

  • Pork Tenderloin only $4.99 /lb 11.00/kg
  • COMPLIMENTS 9" Pies apple. apple crumble, blueberry. cherry, strawberry pumpkin 900 3-1 kg only $7.49
  • Sweet Bell Peppers red. yellow or orange only $1.99 /lb $4.39/kg
  • SWANSON Hungry Man Dinners 360-455 only $2.99
  • ACTIVIA Yogurt 12 pk or OIKOS Greek Yogurt 650-750 g only $4.99
  • Strawberries Quart Canada no 1 only $3.99
  • CHARMIN Toilet Paper 12 rolls or BOUNTY Paper Towel 6 Rolls only $16.99
  • COMPLIMENTS Candies 350-450 g only $3.99
  • TIDE Liquid Pads 81 pk 2.02 kg only $21.99
  • GOLD PEAK Iced Tea 547 mL - 15 AIR MILES® only 2/ $4.00

and many more!

Now, you can find all weekly sales and ads in one place! Don't miss the offer! On this page, you can see all Foodland Weekly Flyers online.

Foodland Promotional flyers

Promotional flyers

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Foodland - Easter
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Foodland is a leading retail store that offers fresh and healthy meals to millions of Canadian families at the best price. The giant discount food and grocery store are committed to delivering delicious, yummy, tasty, sweet spices and locally sourced foods at discount rates. Foodland can boast natural food items handpicked for shoppers who yearn for quality healthy products at low prices. At Foodland Canada, we feed you to the brim and offer extra take-home. When you shop from Foodland flyers, you’ll receive mouthwatering assorted premium quality deals at promo prices. 

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The Sobeys-owned chain of supermarkets in Canada, Foodland, was founded in 1985. Foodland stores, as franchised neighbourhood supermarkets, focus on customer convenience. The brand offers a wide selection of meats, dairy, frozen food, dry goods, baked products and deli items. Headquartered in Stellarton, Nova Scotia, Foodland serves almost the nook and cranny of Canada, with thousands and millions of shoppers ordering online daily.  Our mouthwatering promotions, excellent customer service and support endear our faithful customers to us. For more than thirty years, we have led the Canadian retail industry by providing extraordinary experiences to our shoppers. 

Foodland - Promotions

At our stores, you will discover classic, tasty, fresh and natural food that adds more life to your health. Because you trust us, we will make your day with fresh foods, sauced by local farmers and prepared by the best hands. Order natural produce fetched fresh from the farms, processed and served fresh. Have a taste of locally sourced food, vegetables and fruits. Enjoy irresistible offers on various top select deals, whether for breakfast, lunch, supper and everything in between. Quickly walk into our stores nationwide and grab your favorite deals. Choose from special offers, shop smart and pay easily with discounts when you apply coupon codes. Receive huge discounts on each promo deal shown on flyers Foodland. Order from trending deals today from our ongoing hot sales. 

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Do you know that all products in Foodland stores are locally sourced and freshly prepared? Nutritious food meets discounted offers. To us, local means sharing our seasonal favourites to help you enjoy the best of this season. Check out the latest offers for the month and order as much as you can carry. Don’t worry about the cost because all promotional offers come cheap when you shop coupons on flyers Foodland. Check out the weekly flyers to discover fresh ways to enjoy all the local produce. Save on your next visit and stay posted by signing up for our updates. 

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Get recipes and discover some ways we love to enjoy all the local produce available. Learn how to prepare spinach bread dip, Dutch butter cake, gluten-free breakfast, and gingerbread cake with eggnog custard sauce served cool or hot. Do you know how to make broccoli and Chinese baked potatoes? How about hearty fall soup and raspberry thumbprint cookies? Our professional chefs can teach you how to prepare those delicious dishes and much more. Reach out today to find out how we do the magic. 

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