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Passover 2023

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Real Canadian Superstore - Passover 2023
23 Mar 2023 - 29 Mar 2023
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Loblaws - Passover 2023
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Real Canadian Superstore - Passover 2023
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Real Canadian Superstore - Passover 2023
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What is the original meaning of Passover?

The original meaning of Passover is Pesach, according to the Hebrew language and biblical records. Passover is a Christian and Judaism commemoration of God’s “passing over” the houses of Israelites in Egypt. According to Exodus 12, God punished the Egyptians and their Pharaoh for their dehumanization of the exiled and enslaved Israelites by killing the first males of every living thing in Egypt, both humans and animals. So, both the Old and New Testament interpret Passover as a commemoration of God’s sacrifice and salvation for his people 

When is Passover?

According to Hebrew history, the miraculous Passover occurred on the night of the fourteenth of the Hebrew month of Nisan. This year, Passover commences on the evening of wednesday, April 5, 2023, and ends on the evening of Thursday, April 13, 2023. It’s generally an eight days religious celebration though there may be a difference of one day across different religions. In Israel, Passover is celebrated for seven days instead of eight days observed in Canada. 

How is Passover celebrated?

Jewish and Christian Canadians celebrate Passover by gathering in religious and family meetings and sharing foods and gifts. It’s a solemn period, yet a moment that fills the congregants with a sense of freedom and liberation. Most families spice the Passover season by recollecting the stories of Israel's sojourn in Egypt and God’s miraculous salvation when He helped them to escape from Egypt. Remarkably, unleavened bread replaces ordinary bread during Passover because Exodus 12:33 - 34 narrates that God didn't want Israelites to be delayed so he ordered them to hastily pack up their bread (food) without adding yeast which would have delayed their exit.

Why is Passover on different dates?

Passover is on different dates due to its dependence on the lunar cycle. Just like Easter, the Passover feast is determined by the Hebrew calendar. Nisan begins on the night of a full moon after the northern vernal equinox, so Passover is celebrated in spring, usually from the middle of April close to Easter.  Hence in some years, the full moon may surface on different dates depending on the earth’s revolution. 

What to buy for Passover?

During Passover in Canada, it’s best to buy, drink, and share milk, yogurt, eggs, orange juice, cream cheese, smoked salmon and even potato starch. You can also buy and share cocoa powder, groundnuts, and chocolate with friends and family. Some people may spend on ordering canned fish, berries, wine, and coffee depending on their budgets. Only make sure that your diet doesn't contain yeast. If not sure, confirm with your rabbi or priest. 

Which stores have Passover sales?

There are lots of great shops and stores with amazing sales offers for all budgets in Canada no matter your locality. With your Google map, you can easily locate Costco, Salvo’s Gifts, Loblaw, Metro, Safeway, Walmart, FreshCo, Zehrs and many more. Depending on your province, you may find some stores with cheaper offers and more timely delivery when you place your orders online. You can start ordering now to enjoy the early birds' discounts.

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